About Us

About At The River Store

We are Sam and Jenny Madsen. We, along with our two young boys, love to spend time outdoors. Whether it is hiking, fishing, camping or just a scenic drive, we are outdoorsy people.

In 2016, we moved an hour south to live closer to Roaring River State Park, where Jenny had grown up camping and hiking with her family. After we met in 2002, we took up the hobby of fishing as a mutually enjoyable activity. Due to the fact that we acquired most of our gear from garage sales and bargain shops over the years, we came up with a business idea that we hoped would draw more people to appreciate a variety of outdoor activities. We envisioned an outdoor hobbies store where you could get used equipment in good condition at an excellent price. Thus, At the River Consignment {later renamed At The River Store} opened in November 2016. As the idea grew, so did our customer base and our inventory, to the point that we outgrew our original location. We moved from a 500 square foot building to a 3000 square foot building in January 2018 and expanded from carrying only consignment items. We now have a wide variety from local crafters and entrepreneurs and have acquired wholesale dealerships with multiple companies to provide new items as well.

Our purpose is to help everyone, of all ages, find the gear and equipment they need so they can enjoy outdoor activities without breaking the bank.

We are At The River Store… For Those Who Love The Outdoors.